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Why Are Fungicide More And More Used By Farmers' Friends
Jul 09, 2018

Fungicides can be used in the field of crop bacteria. Bactericides are the enemy of the virus. It is one of the agents to protect the growth of crops. The price of the fungicides is more affordable, and the price fluctuation of the market must be relatively stable. Many effects of Bactericides

1. Protection.

Most of the older fungicides, most of which are mainly protected, need to be sprayed on the plant surface before the pathogen invades the host. The pathogen falls on the page that has been protected by insecticides, the germination of spores is inhibited, or the spore invasion of germination is prevented. Copper sulfate, sodium bisphenol, zinc and chlorothalonil are all widely used protective agents. Play a protective role of bactericides, require strict control of the favorable period of pesticide application, before the disease is about to invade before spraying. If the pathogen has been invaded and is in a latent period, the protective agent is invalid. The effective period of the protective agent is generally only 6~7 days, so in addition to timely, it has to be used many times.

Two, the effect of treatment.

The drug that has this kind of effect is also called the internal sucking bactericide. There are many kinds of drugs, which have the characteristics of internal absorption and conduction. After infiltrating into the epidermis of leaves, they can be transported to the other parts of the same leaf, some can transfer to the top (tip of leaf or top of the plant), and a few can transfer to the root. Carbendazim and three zolone are all such fungicides. The application time of internal fungicides is not as strict as that of protectant, and can be applied at the initial stage of the disease, which can still inhibit the growth and spread of mycelia in plants. You can even kill it directly.  However, if the incidence of the disease is already heavy, it may cause a certain loss, and the application of high efficiency internal suction fungicides to the disease field can not recover the loss that has been caused. Therefore, we should not misunderstand that fungicides with internal absorption and therapeutic effects are a panacea. It is also necessary to give timely medicine.

Three, the eradication effect.

Such agents directly contact with bacteria and kill fungi so that they can not invade plants. In general, it can not be applied directly to plants in the growing period, although some can be applied, but the concentration and dosage of drugs should be paid attention to, so it is more used for seed disinfection or treatment of soil. Brominated bacteria made in recent years have many functions such as disinfection, antisepsis and sterilization. Some fungicides can directly kill the mycelia on the plant's surface and other parts after application, such as three azolone to wheat powdery mildew and rust. At the time of application, it showed the function of eradication.