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Water-Dispersible Granule(WDG) Or Dry Flowables(DF)
Aug 24, 2018

There are WP formulations that have been compressed into dust-free,granule-sized particles.Most come with product-specific measuring devices. The dry ounce(or pround) increment marks on the them are based on product density(weight per unit volime).These formulations readily pour out of their containers and are easier to measure and cleaner to handle than WPs.

They too are mixed with water and applied as a spray suspension.Once in water and agitated,the granules break apart into fine power.The label may contain specific instructions to make mixing more effctive.These formulations require constant agitation to keep them suspended in water.

WDGs share the advantages and disadvantages of WPs. However,WDGs have one added benefit:reduced handler exposure risk.A label for an 80 WDG indicates that this dry product contains 80% by weight of active ingtrefient and is formulated as a water-dispersible granule.

WDG or DFLow skin absorption;Low potential to burn foliageHigh inhalation hazard when pouring and mixing;Requires good agitation in spray tank;Abrasive  to nozzles and sprayer parts.