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Prospects For The Development Of Biological Pesticide Fungicides
Jul 09, 2018

Biological pesticide is a kind of pesticide formulation that uses biological organisms or their metabolites to control pests, pathogens, weeds, nematodes, rodents and other harmful organisms, or by bionic synthesis of pesticides with specific effects. Chinese biological pesticides can be divided into microbiological pesticides and microbial metabolism according to their components and sources. Four parts of pesticide, plant source pesticide and animal source pesticide are divided into insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, acaricides, rodenticides, plant growth regulators and so on.

With people's attention to environmental protection and health, the use of highly efficient and highly toxic organophosphorus pesticides is limited in various countries. High efficiency, low toxicity and low residue are the development direction of pesticide industry. It mainly includes two kinds of chemical pesticides, such as high efficiency, low toxic chemical pesticides and biological agricultural drugs, so the development prospect of biological pesticides is broad.

Although there are still some factors hindering the development of bio pesticide industry in the current domestic pesticide market, in the long run, the national policy support is gradually driving the growth of farmers' income; the industry integration starts, the dominant enterprises will stand out; the high toxic pesticide is cut to make huge space for the biological pesticide; the international pesticide industry is turning to China. The development prospect of biological pesticides is limitless. In recent years, it will maintain a relatively stable and rapid development trend.