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Precautions For Using Insecticide
Jul 09, 2018

The main components of the insecticides are pyrethrin and other pyrethroid esters, which have small toxicity to human and animal, and have good toxicity and fumigation to mosquito, fly, cockroach and other pests. At present, the main commercial insecticides are pyrethroid aerosol insecticides, which are commonly used in the combination of methamidin, permethrin and ester of insecticide, which have a lethal effect. The compound has a quick impact and a strong killing effect. The three can make up for short and greatly improve the killing. Insect effect. However, the pyrethroid insecticides are insoluble in water, and organic solvents should be used as dispersing medium.

1. The spraying of residential houses and livestock (poultry) should be diluted by the professional staff in strict accordance with the instructions of the use of pesticides, and sprinkler on the wall and ceiling under the circumstances of no one. After the spraying is completed, the ventilation can be fully ventilated for 30 minutes before the other personnel can enter.  If the spraying process is sprinkled on the desktop, wipe with wet towels in time. If any other articles contaminated by drugs should be cleaned before being used. It is forbidden to spray pesticides on food and tableware.

2. When using insecticide, once it accidentally touches or spatter into the skin and eyes, rinse it immediately with clean water. If sensitive individuals are allergic, such as itching, swelling and burning sensation, they should leave the scene immediately and replace the clothes contaminated by pesticides. Wash your hair with soap and shower as soon as possible (do not use shampoo, shower gel); drink more boiled water or milk, mung bean water, general symptoms 3 - 4 hours will disappear. Patients with abdominal pain and vomiting should be sent to a nearby hospital for symptomatic treatment.

3. Be careful when using pesticides in schools. Strictly prohibit spraying insecticides directly into school buildings and classrooms.

4. Because silkworms are sensitive to drugs, other ways to kill mosquitoes, mosquito and mosquito can be used in sericulture households.