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Precautions For Insecticides
Jul 09, 2018

In the summer, mosquitoes are many, so how should we deal with it, this time Wan Jia Xin can help you to help you, provide you with the direct marketing of pesticide manufacturers and the wholesale of pesticides, everyone knows that insecticides will kill and dispel the mosquitoes. So do you know what precautions to use pesticides?

Before use, all the water, food, all sealed up, pay attention to the meal after the use, to avoid residue in the food, because the residue is very strong, to do a good job of protection, especially for children, should not be exposed to children, the skin should not contact with pesticides, wear masks, Prevention of respiratory intoxication. Do not overuse the use of the use of a lot of people in order to quickly kill mosquitoes will add a large number of spray, so that the body will produce defects, avoid children contact, the pesticide is pressure packaging, to avoid impact and high temperature environment, most of the organic matter as a solvent, do not curious to the fire source, there is a great danger.