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Method Of Proper Use Of Plant Fungicides
Jul 09, 2018

In the agricultural production, plant fungicides are a common chemical control method for disease, and the use of fungicides is higher than the insecticide, so it is very difficult to master. Therefore, in the use of fungicides, we must master the following principles in order to achieve good results.

1. to the case. When selecting pesticides, we should first diagnose the diseases occurring in crops and know what are the main diseases of crops. In this way, we can do the right thing. Because different kinds of fungicides have different properties, characteristics and pharmacological effects, the control effect of various diseases is different, not all the fungicides have the control effect on all kinds of diseases, not the "universal drug".

2. it is necessary to know the properties of the bactericides. According to the effect of pesticides on disease control, it can be roughly divided into three categories.

Protective fungicides: this kind of bactericide can protect the sites that are not infected by the pathogen. It is necessary to receive the effect before the crop is exposed to the disease or the disease.

Eradicating fungicides: these agents can directly kill the pre - invasive bacteria and treat the infected sites, often used in disinfection, and are rarely used directly on the plant.

Therapeutic fungicides: also known as internal fungicides, which are absorbed and transmitted by plants, can prevent the development and spread of pathogens in all parts of the plant. Such as carbendazim fungicide, methyl tozin fungicide and so on.

3. different ways of using pesticides are different.

Seed and seedling disinfection and sterilization categories: including liquid soaking, medicinal liquid stuffing, medicated seed dressing (dry mixing, wet mixing), seed coating agent, dipping liquid dipping rice seedlings and so on. Seedlings include seeds, tubers, tubers, bulbs, cuttings, seedlings, seedlings and other organs for reproduction.

Soil treatment drugs. As a whole or partial protection, the following methods can be used to treat soil: irrigation (water soluble liquid, irrigated by 5 kilograms per square meter per square meter); plow bottom or plow furrow; mixed method (applied to the surface of the soil, then plow the soil, and turn the agent into the surface of the surface); the injection method (using the soil syringe, by the soil syringe) Certain amount of medicine and hole distance are applied into the soil.