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Kasugamycin Registered For Application To Peach Trees For The First Time In China
Aug 09, 2018

On July 24, Kasugamycin 20% WDG of Shandong Rushan Hanwei Biological Ltd. was granted registration by Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) to be applied to peach trees to control the shot hole disease, making it the first time approval was granted in China to the registration of Kasugamycin for use on peach trees.


Before this, ICAMA approved the registration of Kasugamycin (inclusive of formulations) for application to rice blast, rice false smut, sheath blight, cucumber wilt, downy mildew, anthrax, bacterial angular leaf spot, watermelon bacterial angular disease, tomato leaf mould, cabbage black rot, soft rot, chili anthracnose, potato black leg, tobacco brown spot, wildfire, coffee angular bacterial spot, citrus tree canker, litchi downy blight and ornamental chrysanthemum bacterial angular disease.


Kasugamycin is a low-toxic agricultural antibiotic with good systemicity. It has functions of both prevention and treatment, which can treat plants with a remarkable effect. The action mechanism of the product lies in its esterase system, which can disturb the amino acid metabolism of the pathogen to destroy the biosynthesis of protein. This inhibits mycelial growth and gives rise to cell granulation to cause pathogenic bacteria to lose the capability of reproduction and ingression, thus putting down pathogens to protect crops. It has been over 30 years now since the promotion and application of the product.