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BASF Presents Enervin Line For The Protection Of The Vineyards In Spain
Aug 10, 2018

BASF introduces the Enervin family, a generation of products based on ametoctradin (trade name: Initium) that offers the vine grower the flexibility of having a tool that adapts to any circumstance and the security of using an effective solution and, at the same time, respectful with the environment.

• Enervin Pro provides systemic protection to reinforce the defenses of the vineyard. Combination of Initium and Potassium Phosphonate, it obtains greater control in berries, leaves and new shoots to reinforce the resistance to mildew and other diseases. It must be applied at the beginning of sprouting to guarantee the necessary defenses for the development of the crop.

• Enervin Top shields the vineyard from the outside. The conjunction of Initium and Metiram forms an insurmountable protective barrier for all types of mildew. The indicated time to use it is flowering.

• Enervin Duo SC combines the healing power of Dimetomorf and the preventive action of Initium and ensures that the vineyard is always protected inside and out, so it becomes the best tool in situations of high pressure of mildew.