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Water-dispersible granule (WG or WDG)
Jul 19, 2018


Water-dispersible granules are dry formulations that are similar to WPs except theyconsist of larger particles and are typically much less dusty. After dispersion in water,they form a suspension of solids. For this reason,adequate agitation must be maintained to prevent settling of the solids.

Physical properties

WGs tend to flow easily, which allows them to be poured, rather than scooped out of a package. The ease of dispersion is highly formulation-specific, and well-designed WGs should disperse fairly quickly.

What to watch out for

Though WGs are usually less dusty than WPs, there can be smaller particles present,sometimes due to attrition (breaking up) of granules during transportation/handling. A well-designed system should be devoid of this problem. WGs usually take more time to fully disperse in water than other formulations, so good mixing practices are important.