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Two sodium chloroisocyanurate can kill many bacteria
Oct 25, 2018

Two sodium chloroisocyanurate is widely used as a broad-spectrum and highly effective disinfectant product. Nowadays, many industries are inseparable from sodium dichloroisocyanurate because it kills many kinds of bacteria and algae quickly. So what kind of bacteria do they play?

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is powerful in killing almost all fungi, bacteria, viral spores, reducing bacteria, iron bacteria and so on. Moreover, it has a special effect on killing hepatitis A and hepatitis B virus, and also has a good disinfection effect on sexually transmitted virus and HIV.

Therefore, it can be said that two sodium chloroisocyanurate is the natural enemy of all kinds of viruses.

Of course, encounter algae sodium dichloroisocyanurate is not afraid, more commonly used like circulating water, cooling towers, swimming pools and other algae are easy to breed, whether it is cyanobacteria, green algae, red algae or brown algae and other algae plants, can quickly inhibit and kill.

Therefore, sodium dichloroisocyanurate is the best choice for disinfection products because of its strong germicidal and algae-killing ability and wide use.