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The list of pesticides banned or restricted in China
Jul 22, 2018

Chinese government has been actively taking measures to confine the use of high risk pesticides. It has published a series of restriction policies to protect human health and environmental safety by restricting the sell and use of certain products that are highly toxic or with carcinogenic and teratogenic properties, or have potential to contaminate daily diet through leaving excessive residues on food.

The tables below show the complete list of pesticides banned or restricted by Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and other ministries and commissions.

Table 1 pesticides banned by Chinese government

No.Banned pesticideDue toNumber of the announcement from MOA(and others)/Date
1-4*HCH, *DDT, *aldrin, *dieldrinpersistent organic pollutantNo.199/ Jun 5, 2002
5*toxaphene(camphechlor)persistent organic pollutant; environmental hormone substances; carcinogenesis ; teratogenesis

carcinogenesis; teratogenesis

7dibromochloropanereproduction toxicity
10-12*mercurycompounds,arsena,acetatehigh toxicity; accumulation 
of heavy metals; human 
and environmental 
sodiumfluoroacetate, gliftor, silatrane
very high toxicity 
high toxicity2008 No. 1 from 5 ministries and commissions /Jan 8, 2008
24-33fenamiphos,fonofos,phosfolan-methyl,lcium phosphide,megnesium phosphide,zinc phosphide,cadusafos,coumaphos,
high toxicityNo. 1586/Jun 15, 2011
34-36  chlorsulfuron(technical, single 
agent and mixture, tribenuron-methly and 
metsulfuron-methyl single agent
long residual effect; phytotoxicity to follow-up cropsNo. 2032 /Dec 9, 2013
canceled the technical and mixture
registration of ethametsulfuron and 
metsulfuron Jul 1, 2015
banned the sell and use of chlorsulfuron,ethametsulfuron and 
metsulfuron with single agent from 
Dec 31, 2015
banned the sell and use of mixture 
with ethametsulfuron and 
metsulfuron from 
Jul 1, 2017
37-38canceled the registration of
asomate and urbacide
the production and use of organic arsine poses high risk to human, animals and the environment,No. 2032/Dec 9, 2013
banned the sell and use of asomate 
and urbacide from Dec 31, 2015
stopped the repcaking registration 
of high/very high toxic product
high / very high toxicityNo. 194/Apr 22, 2002
stopped the repcaking registration 
of rodenticide
high / very high toxicityNo. 274/Apr 30, 2003
*pesticide already in the Rotterdam Convention

Table 2 pesticide restricted by Chinese government

No.Restricted pesticideRestricted rangeDue toNumber of the 
announcement from 
MOA(and others)/Date
1-8phorate, isofenphos methyl, demeton, carbofuran, aldicarb,
phosfolan, isazofos
no use on vegetables, fruit trees, tea, herbal medicinehigh toxicityNo. 199 /Jun 5, 2002
9-10dicofol, fenvalerateno use on tea treeimpurities of organochlorine、 excessive residues
11omethoateno use oncabbage and citrus treeshigh toxicityNo. 194/ No. 1586/Apr 22, 2002/Jun 15, 2011
12daminozideno use on peanutscarcinogenesisNo. 274/Apr 30, 2003
13fipronilexcept for use on hygienic and dry crop seeds coatingshigh risk to aquatic organisms and bees, degraded slowly in soilNo. 1157 from 
3ministries and 
commissions/Feb 25, 
14-17isocarbophosno use on citrus treeshigh toxicityNo. 1586 /Jun 15, 2011
methomylno use on citrus, apple, tea trees and brassicaceous vegetablehigh toxicity
endosulfanno use on apple and tea treeshigh toxicity / persistent organic pollutant
methyl bromideno use on strawberries and cucumbershigh toxicity /damage theozone sphere
18  paraqut technical and liquid formulationStopped the new product registrationhigh toxicityNo. 1745 from
3ministries and 
commissions/Apr 24, 
paraqutcancel the liquid formulation registration, retain those export from technical companies from Jul 2, 2014
paraqutstop the sell and use of liquid formulation from Jul 1, 2016
19-20chlorpyrifos triazophosstopped the new registration on vegetablesexcessive residues, poses risk to dietNo.2032 /Dec 9, 2013
cancel the registration on vegetebles from Dec 31, 2014
ban the use on vegetables from Dec 31, 2016