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Storage of Pesticides
Sep 07, 2018

Proper pesticide storage is important to protect peopleanimals, and the pesticide itself. Keep these tips in mind when storing pesticides:

The Container Matters

  • Pesticides should be stored in their original containers. The original container is designed to protect the product and it's made of materials that will withstand the chemicals in the product.

  • Store containers with their original labeling which includes application and disposal directions, ingredient names and emergency information.

  • The original container also has the appropriate lid/cap to protect kids and pets.

Temperature Matters

  • Extremes in temperature can change the chemistry of some pesticides inside the container.

  • Extremes in temperature can also damage containers.

  • Always read the label for storage instructions. As a general rule, pesticides are best stored between 40-90 °F.

Location Matters

Safety Matters

  • Try to keep your pesticide inventory as low as possible. Buy only what you need this season; mix only what you need today.

  • Dispose of unwanted pesticides properly rather than storing them.

  • Never store pesticides in food or drink containers.

  • Consider storing bottles inside a larger container that could contain liquids in the event of a leak or spill.