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Special Formulations and Adjuvant
Aug 28, 2018

Special Formulations:

Special manufacturers produce special formulations to meet the needs of specific applicators.These include fumigants and soluble packages.

Fumigants are available as gases,liquids, and solids.Carbon dioxide and ethylene oxide are compressed gases used as fumigants.Liquid fumigants become gases when applied.Solid fumigants come as dust,pellets, or tablets that release gases when exposed to moist air.

Pre-weighed amounts of wettable or soluble powder can be packaged in water-soluble plastic bags.When bags are placed in spray tank water,they dissolve and release their contents.These formulations reduce hazards around mixing and loading;there is no need to measure and no leftover products.


The manufacturer can add an adjuvant to the formulation.An adjuvant can also be added to the spray tank by the applicator.Adjuvants change application traits to make products: Safer;More effective;Easier to handle;Easier to apply.

Adjuvants increase the effectiveness of a pesticide by changing a physical or chemical trait. These broaden the conditions under which a pesticide can be used .