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Soil and Pesticides
Aug 31, 2018

Soil can be degraded and the community of organisms living in the soil can be damaged by the misuse or over use of pesticides. Some pesticides are more toxic to soil organisms than others. Some pesticides may break down quickly when applied to soils, while others may persist for longer periods. The type of soil and the type of pesticide can also affect pesticide persistence.

When applying pesticides to soils, keep these tips in mind:

  • Review the "Environmental Hazards" section of the product label, and always follow the label directions.

  • Adopting IPM methods of controlling pests can reduce the need for pesticides application to soils.

  • Pesticides in soil may be taken up by plant roots and moved to other plant tissues, including the fruit.

  • Pesticides applied to sandy or course-grained soils are more likely to leach through the soil and contaminate groundwater.