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Current situation of the development of pesticide market
Jul 09, 2018

Development history and status: Although the hygienic insecticide is a small commodity, it is a necessary long preparation consumable of urban and rural residents, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and office places, and has a huge market. Hygienic insecticide mainly refers to insecticides which kill mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs, cockroaches, ants and other household pests. There are many kinds of insecticides, such as aerosol, spray agent, mosquito repellent incense, electric mosquito repellent incense piece, fly killing lamp and so on. Aerosol is the main market, and aerosols have many brands.

The development of hygienic insecticides has gone through three stages. The pyrethroid insecticides are synthesized according to the chemical constituents of natural pyrethrum. She has a distinct advantage that other pesticides do not have: 1, high efficiency. It has a good killing effect on mosquitoes and flies. 2, low toxicity. It has very low harm to advanced animals, such as human and animal. 3, easy to degrade. The light is quickly decomposed, and it does not pollute the environment.