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9 use errors of insecticides
Sep 29, 2018

First, kill insects and kill them.

Every insecticide insists on killing and killing all the insects. There is a great potential to kill all the insects. In fact, it is totally unnecessary... General insecticides can only achieve to make them lose fertility and the ability to harm plants. All insecticides in the use of more or less at the same time will have a toxic effect on plants, too much pursuit of killing, kill, often cause harm.

Two, kill insects whenever you see them.

After checking, it is found that the number of insects reaches the damage threshold, and will have a harmful effect on plants, then insecticide is needed.

Three. Superstitious drugs.

In fact, the more effective the pesticides are, the greater the damage to plants, so long as the selection of insecticides can control the damage to plants.

Four, abuse of insecticides

Inappropriate use of insecticides often results in the loss of more than half of the discovery.

Five. Pay attention to adults only and neglect eggs.

Only attention should be paid to killing adults, neglecting eggs, and failing to deal with preventive measures when the eggs are hatched in large quantities.

Six. Long term use of single insecticide

Long-term use of a single insecticide will lead to insecticide resistance, it is best to have several insecticides alternately used.

Seven, increase the dosage at will.

Not using the dose according to the instructions will increase the insecticide resistance of the worm, and it will easily cause harm.

Eight. Check immediately after insecticide.

Many insecticides will gradually die off after 2~3 days. The exact effect will not be seen until 3 days later.

Nine, do not pay attention to water consumption and pesticide application time.

Different water consumption has a great influence on the effect of pesticides, especially in high temperature and drought season, and the time of applying pesticides often determines the effect, especially for pests that come out in the evening.